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Animal Welfare

Since 2019, A Ti’a Matairea has been addressing dog overpopulation on the island. The lack of affordable neutering options for local residents led to an alarming increase in dog and cat populations, causing animal suffering and problems for residents. Sterilization is crucial to control the population, reduce strays, and improve overall community health and safety.

Realizing spay and neuter was the only solution, we secured a grant from the Brigitte Bardot Foundation. However, legal restrictions prevented a mass sterilization event using volunteer vets, so we initiated a legal battle to amend this law and highlight the dog overpopulation issue affecting many FP islands. Thanks to our efforts, the government has since voted to amend the law, allowing volunteer veterinarians to work 30 days per year in FP. Plus, A Ti’a Matairea received the first government grants for spay and neuter in French Polynesia in 2023 and 2024.

In addition, we actively rescue animals found in distress on the island, both wild and domestic. Our international adoption program has placed more than 40 dogs and cats in loving homes overseas. This not only saves lives but also brings joy to new families, demonstrating the possibility and positive impact of adoptions from French Polynesia.

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