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About Us


We are more than an organization, we are a community. We believe that everyone in our community has the power to create positive change and we are committed to doing it together. Our strength lies in our solidarity, our common vision and our dedication to the projects we undertake: protection of the lagoon, Rāhui, environmental education for children, sterilization and adoption of dogs and cats, waste collection, fight against invasive species, and more.


Our Story

In 2019, we came together as a group of friends in hopes of creating positive change in our community. We founded A Ti’a Matairea on the principles of respect for each other and love for our fenua and all its inhabitants. We are proud of our values ​​of inclusion, respect and solidarity which guide each of our actions. We believe in kindness, positivity, listening and continuous learning. Our strength lies in the bonds formed within our team, united in the fight for a shared vision of a healthier, happier and safer future for our island.

Meet The Team

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